Studio Reveal


Studio and / or Storage???
This is the room that I start out in and end up in. Ok full disclosure, this is where the materials live. The cart in the foreground with wheels allows me to meander from whatever room I choose to paint. Basically the entire house is my studio. Every girls dream.
photo cred to my husband ( Bryan ) who loves to find me in “ my Zone” to snap a pic.

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Drum Roll please….

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Artist under Quarantine


Like many of you I am home working and painting. I have days that are productive and some that come and go…..well you know. Much like many of you, I have found refuge in the studio organizing and experimenting. Trying new techniques and trying on styles for fun.

Totally going in a different direction with these stylized vases of flowers
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Procreate time lapse instructional videos


Teaching “Paint your pet” classes to raise $$$ for local humane societies and animal rescue organizations is a passion of mine. Lately I have noticed, there isn’t enough of me to go around during the classes ( they are about 3 hours in length and a maximum of twenty students). The classes are casual and fun and the painters want to go home with something awesome!
I created some instructional videos using the Procreate App and an Apple Pencil In an effort to demonstrate and help teach my “Paint Your Pet” classes. So far, I have been posting them on Instagram however I’d like to get your opinion to see what you think!

I welcome your honest opinions and feedback

direct message me on IG at ma_hagen

thank you in advance


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Hanging onto Summer ( day 9)


On October 13th I will be painting a wedding reception. This lovely lady is the grandmother of the bride. She and her family are longtime owners of an area nursery.

She was nice enough to show me around the farm and I couldn’t help myself from snapping a candid photo of her. The morning sun on this patch of Dahlias was beautiful and I’m so glad I was able to capture it!

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Hanging onto Summer ( Day 8)


Farmers markets are everywhere in the summer and into fall.

This is a color/value study in preparation for a final painting.

I may do it in watercolor as well as acrylic



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Hanging Onto Summer ( day 7)


Summer also means getting to the Square in downtown Painesville to enjoy the display of classic cars. I take photos use them as my main source of reference for the vehicle and take artistic license with the backgrounds ( hehe)

1958 was a very good year and this blue Chevy pick-up stole my 💜

if you feel the same way….she is available for $95. and ships free!

message me on Instagram ma_hagen


1958 was a very good year 12×12 acrylic on canvas $95.

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Hanging onto Summer ( day 6 )



I love to zoom in and focus on a very small part of a landscape ( or in this case a lake )

It seems like it would be simple to execute however the moving water makes for ever changing light and dark shapes. This one is available for $120. And ships free!

Message me on Instagram  ma_hagen


Acrylic on canvas 16×20         Dancing Lake $120

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Hanging onto Summer (day 5)


So far, all the 30 paintings in 30 days posts have a beach theme. Well today I’m switching it up and posting a pool painting.

Could it look any cooler? I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t want to take her place. I know I would in a heartbeat. 💧


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Hanging onto Summer ( day 4)



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