Too much summer to be creative


With summer finally arriving to northeast Ohio,I am having a difficult time being creative. So many cool things to do here as Cleveland is blossoming more and more with every passing day! I’m not complaining about the weather and all the added outdoor projects ( the hubby and I resurfaced our massive back patio with pavers ) and activities including parties and gorgeous nightly sunsets over Lake Erie.( Cain Park Art Fest this weekend in Cleveland heights is my absolute fave).image

I am really trying., still, painting every day, sketching on location ( mostly the at the beach ) but I am totally distracted, ugh! Anybody else feeling this way?

i guess the best thing to do is to plan for fall…when the cooler temps force me inside to focus and move forward……can’t wait for the 30 in 30 painting challenge beginning on September 1st

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