An Artist’s Versatility ( good or bad)


What does an Artist’s Versatility Reveal?

Is artistic versatility an indicator of freedom and exploration or lack of confidence?

What kind of artist am I today? Maybe I’m in an Abstract and contemporary mood. The art I create today could be large or small, colorful or black and white. It is possible I will paint, draw in ink, use watercolor or acrylic.  Artists need to explore styles and mediums order to progress and grow. Therefore,  it is my intention to experiment with as many mediums and techniques as humanly possible! Additionally, I love to use various mediums and techniques in order to get into my creative zone and to avoid a block ( which happens often). The abstract acrylic painting below is an example of a way to jump start my creativity. Painting intuitively fast and loose is a great way to jumpstart my process. I find it is helpful to participate in art challenges such as the 30 paintings in 30 days hosted by Leslie Saeta and the ” Artists Helping Artists ” podcast which is broadcast weekly. Podcasts such as Leslie’s inform artists of new developments in marketing, art materials, workshops and discuss concerns of working artists.


Graphic Design School encourages an artist to produce a versatile portfolio in order to attract  potential employers. To be relevant in the fine art arena, a consistent body of work is preferable. If not, The artist is labeled fickle or flighty. Instead of talented and versatile the artist appears scattered and inconsistent . I do not agree as the only way of getting anywhere as an artist  is to Go EVERYWHERE. I believe that acting upon creative thoughts make artists who the are at any given point in time. In conclusion, just do it ( stolen from Nike)….paint, draw and create every day without fear or critism. Be compelled to bend, stretch and challenge yourself as an artist.

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